Monday, July 6, 2009

What's on your mind?

Once again, Greg Ruth illustrates this week's tale. Your comments* are always welcome.

(* six word responses not required).


Randy said...

Yeah, good stuff.

April said...

Reminds me of that great scene (one of many) in The Thing From Another World, where one guys says, "What if he can read our minds?" and the other guy responds with, "He'll be real mad when he gets to me."

Good stuff, Stiles. Well done.

Adie1950 said...

where did this idea come from?

Chris Mancini said...

Great Blog. Will add to Feed.

Stiles White said...

Adie --

The six-word concept has been around. The 'memoirs' variant has been very popular lately (your life story in just six words). I believe there are some published books of various collected memoirs submitted by everyday folks.

I've been a longtime fan of all kinds of art, and I thought it would be fun to match up some of my stories with illustrated interpretations. As I've said elsewhere, there are some really cool pieces coming in the months ahead. Stay tuned.