Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Deep Freeze

We're very excited to have artist Mike Manomivibul join Six-Word Tales this week. Mike created an incredible series of illustrations for his book Jetsam that you must check out by clicking here.

And now... lay back in the sleep chamber. Comfortable? Good. You'll feel a quick blast of cold and then it's off to dreamland. Just one last question: What kind of world do you want to wake up in?

Words by Stiles. Art by Mike Manomivibul.

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Kry O. Genic said...

Frozen can be good... frozen yogurt, frozen custard, frozen cookie dough. While relationships with frozen people can be terribly cold and inconvenient, it does give you more free time to write. Besides, make-out sessions had already become so infrequent prior to the experiment.