Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Six-Word Sketchbook: Matt Strackbein

Since Matt created these preliminary sketches for this week's tale, I thought I'd share them with everyone as well as a little info about the newest member of the SWT gang.

Matt sez: "I'm always working on my own original comics - obsessively - but lately I've been contributing to two different zines, which I think are super cool. I appreciate the underground street level attitude that comes from zines and I'm very proud to contribute to them. In terms of my heroes, the list is: Dr. Seuss, Charles Schulz, Harold Gray, Milton Caniff and Norman Rockwell."

For more of Matt's work, you can visit The Matter, Stumptown Underground and Matt's site right here.


Funkidrumr said...

Awesome work Matt! I love watching the process from quick, loose sketching to completed & colored illustration. Very cool.

I see too the colored blocks on the left-hand side of the tightened drawing. Is that about when you develop your color scheme, or do you fiddle around with ideas later on when it's time to color it?

Matt said...

I always like to have colors in mind from the beginning - helps me determine the mood. But by the end of the digital rendering process, I let the piece dictate to me what the final colors should look like.

Thanks for the comments!